Health habits lead to healthy happy life and we eat healthy to have a long health life.

To adapt to good health habit discipline is required.  The habits can easily be adopted by all in the society, children, women and men.  Hygiene to be observed when practicing health habits.

 Need to be careful and knowledge of what is considered healthy foods and unhealthy foods.  We are defined by what we eat.  How we eat and the exercise contributes to long healthy life.

Well balanced diet and right type of exercise is part of health habits.  The diet and exercise tailor made for your body type keeps you in shape and active as a health habit.

Eating at the right time not early after the previous meal and not late to the next meal. measure the quantities consumed.  Avoid eating a lot of food at one seating.  Such quantities can be broken down into small potion and eaten at different times.

Your meals to include proteins and good fats the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats so that it can increase the level of protective good HDL and lower the level of the bad LDL.  In addition, it lowers blood pressure, improve lipids level and reduces cardiovascular risks.

Avoid foods with trans fats.  They create inflammation and also contributes to insulin resistance

Avoid added sugars which increase your risk of gaining weight, developing type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.  But if you are to take sugars let it be naturally occurring sugars i.e fruits and some vegetables.  Naturally occurring sugars have fibers which slows down the absorption of sugar and moderates its impact on blood sugar.

Get all your carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans.

Avoid refined or simple carbs.  They have had nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber removed.  For these reason they are called empty calories.  They are digested quickly and cause rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels and make you feel full for a short time and then drop in blood sugar, hunger and cravings. You need cardiovascular exercise also known as aerobic exercise.  It includes walking, swimming, cycling and even some house chores.  Cardio burns fat and calories which make it easy for one to loose weight, lowers blood pressure, lowers risk of heart diseases, improve blood flow, maintaining a healthy weight and reduce stress.

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According to the, ‘’guidelines for cardio frequency: for general health try moderately – intense cardio 30minutes a day, 5 days a week, or vigorously intense cardio for 20minutes a day, 3 days a week.  For weight loss and / or to avoid regaining weight you may need to do more than 300minutes of moderate – intensity activity a week to meet your goals.  To maintain a healthy body weight, you need about 150 – to 300minutes of moderate – intensity activity a week.’’     

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